Zud dating

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Marge gets a letter claiming that she has won a contest from a magazine to which she does not even subscribe.

The prize turns out to be a maid who will clean the house for a day while Marge relaxes.

Not wanting the maids to judge her, she cleans the house until it is entirely spotless, except for a small stain on the kitchen floor.

She combines all of her different cleaners to combat the stain, but the fumes make her drowsy and she falls and hits her head on a stool.

Homer tries to get her to remember him again, but only manages to disgust her.

He tells her that they made love in a miniature golf course, which Marge claims she would never do.

Using regular bleach on vinyl can also cause issues, especially if the floor is colored, as it can create white splotches that cannot be undone.

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It turns out to be a success, but after they add the “7” and the “4” to the curb of the Simpson house (742 Evergreen Terrace), Homer does not pay them, so they leave without finishing.

He finishes it himself, but instead of adding a "2" he changes it to "74 OAKLAND A'S- BEST TEAM EVER".

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However, when Marge tells the man that she has amnesia and three kids, he immediately leaves.