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Validating a registered trademark

The menu area provides access to some of the more advanced features available through the Philippine Trademark Database system.You can view and change your saved searches, records sets, and access help and information about the project.Using this symbol means consumers and competitors will recognise that the trademark has been protected.However, if your trademark is not registered in Finland or within the EU, you must not use the ® symbol.The ™ symbol can instead be used even if the trademark has not been registered, for example as a symbol for an established trademark or when a trademark application is pending.Outside Finland you must always check the legislation of the country in question for regulations on the use of these symbols.

You can hover your cursor over the country either in the list or the map to see full details.You can use this purely for information, or select one or more categories, then click the 'filter' button at the lower right of each tab to add/modify the filters applied to your results.The different types of filters are divided into separate tabs for convenience, and specific information and hints are available in the help for each individual tab: Status, Filing Date, Holder Country, and Expiration.You can click on as many countries as you wish in the list view before clicking the 'filter' button to add that list to your current filters.The Expiration Filter tab divides the records matching your current search by their date of expiration.

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Then any letters from us, such as a trademark expiry reminder letter, can reach you at the correct address. The Finnish Trademarks Act does not lay down provisions on the use of the ® and ™ symbols.

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