Updating drivers license

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Updating drivers license

It is important you make sure that your address is correctly recorded with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. If you are the holder of a Queensland licence you cannot have an interstate residential address but you can have an interstate postal address.

When you notify us of your new home address, always write or say your address exactly as it appears on your household bills (e.g. Once you have advised us of your change of address, within 10 working days you will get a label showing your new address to put on your licence.

This is so they can track the name on your current licence through to the name you want to appear on the new licence.

If your address doesn’t match any of the addresses in the database, it might be automatically corrected.

You should use the address shown on an official bill such as your rates, electricity or phone bill.

Your replacement licence with your new name will be sent out to you.

Your gender has no bearing on your eligibility to obtain a driver licence and is not relied on to verify your identity.

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This will be an original evidence of identity document which states your gender.

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