Updating classpath container java lang nullpointerexception consolidating infiltrate

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Updating classpath container java lang nullpointerexception

I'm running the latest Spring Tool Suite edition of Eclipse, and I've attempting to import a collection of existing Maven projects.

If you see something that can be improved, just edit the answer to improve it! Alternatively, there may be cases where the purpose of the method is not solely to operate on the passed in object, and therefore a null parameter may be acceptable.Let's illustrate with the simple example (above) first.We start by looking at the line that the stack trace has told us is where the NPE happened: In Java all the variables you declare are actually "references" to the objects (or primitives) and not the objects themselves.When you attempt to execute one object method, the reference asks the living object to execute that method.But if the reference is referencing NULL (nothing, zero, void, nada) then there is no way the method gets executed.

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WTPProject Configurator.configure Classpath(WTPProject Configurator.java:107) at org.eclipse.m2internal. Default Classpath Manager Delegate.populate Classpath(Default Classpath Manager Delegate.java:61) at org.eclipse.m2internal.

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