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Updating cabinet hinges

I ordered these Blum soft close hinges from Amazon, but they didn’t come with any instructions.

After reading way more about overlays and reveals than I cared to know, I decided to just test out a few different positions to see what worked best.

Then use the ruler on the top of the jig to ensure proper placement with the existing hinges.

It’s not deep enough for a full cabinet, but we need all the storage we can get in our small kitchen.Assemble all the pieces together according to the instructions, and tighten it into the chuck of your drill.Insert the drill bit guide into the jig and rotate it to lock the guide in place.I’ll show you how to use a concealed hinge jig to bore holes in your new doors, so they’ll line up with your existing hinges perfectly.Longtime readers may recall the kitchen musical chairs we did a couple years ago.

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This was my first time using the Kreg concealed hinge jig, so I didn’t want to start boring holes in my gorgeous new doors all willy-nilly!

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