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Sqldatasource updating event args

If so, this is another way to mess up your update signature. ok, this raises a few questions: 1) assuming data Key Names should = qc Parent_ID?

2) would you recommend changing control feeding @qc Parent to "bind" rather than eval?

3) do the Update Parameters still need to be in the Sql Datasource if the Updating event creates them?

4) Is the updating event formatted correctly as is?

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On Error(Sql Exception exception, Boolean break Connection) 68 System. Execute Db Command(Db Command command, Data Source Operation operation) 392 System. Execute Update(IDictionary keys, IDictionary values, IDictionary old Values) 643 System. Sql Exception: Procedure or function m_qc Selected_v2qc Note Add has too many arguments specified. Data Key Names collection that isn't in the Update Parameters collection.Are there any other fields in the Edit Template of your Form View which are Bound Fields or have a Bind expression in it? (doah) - the driver in this case would be qc Parent_ID from a1_qc Parent, which feeds the label v2_ID populating @qc Parent (bound to qc Parent_ID as eval) Yes, my intention was to manually define the parameters against the unbound controls in the form, though I'm not sure why I was avoiding a direct bind to qc Parent_ID...

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