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Snsd dating scandal

SM have been coasting on the “SM brand” for a little too long with their biggest girl group, churning out rushed choreography, albums filled with filler tracks and underwhelming stage shows with the hopes that “Girls’ Generation” is enough of a drawcard to keep the fans coming back.

Dating scandals, a bungled comeback and a loss to rivals 2NE1 on the charts have cracked the usually impenetrable exterior of the group’s superstar status. proved to be an underwhelming comeback, a comment made by SME CEO Kim Young Min back in 2010 resurfaced to cast doubts on the future of SNSD: “SNSD will disappear someday, and another group will replace them.

With speculation that SNSD’s contracts could be ending this year and a new SM girl group to debut, a certain fatalistic feeling is starting to attach itself to the group. We used to view Bo A and TVXQ as individual artists, but for this reason, we started to view them as SM artists.

The SM brand now has its own profit value.” Are SNSD really on their way out?

They’ve released two major Korean singles in the last two and a half years and barely promoted their two Japanese albums inbetween.

Instead most of the time SNSD are being hired to promote department stores, jeans, watches, bags, make-up, perfume, sanitary pads – you name it.

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The Korea Times recently speculated that SM are choosing to confirm dating rumours because they are planning to end the group soon.

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