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This was once a good place, but since they closed it off and police started patrolling, not much is happening.Also, one could park facing out in the upper lot to make connections, but even that fail...The story also discusses previous attempts to clo... It's mostly street hustlers looking for a drug fix or the cops undercover.They recently had a major sting operation in the area -- hookers, drugs and ga... Parking garagage behind downtown Library is cruisy.If you need to have one on campus, this one's... Take Highway 70 for about a mile and you will see the sign for the park on the right.

It has a long hall to go down first so that no one can sneak up on you. Turn right at Walgreens by the redlight, go to the second redlight and turn right by the Shell station.

I am skilled at many sorts of repairs and services.

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An aggressive cop patrols like clockwork now and the regulars are all gone and the new guys scare cared of arrests.

The cops are literally writing down everybody's plate numbers and harassing them...

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You know I've been looking for somewhere I can rub one out or maybe even get sucked off. It's not like anyone has to know but sadly people ar...

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