Republicans intimedating voters best paid dating website

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Republicans intimedating voters

Now, the financial industry lobby wants the Oregon Legislature to amend an affordable housing bill to retroactively waive those reporting requirements. But loan servicers, credit unions and title companies say the legal questions have cast a cloud over title on thousands of homes and mortgages in the state, slowing the process and holding back the housing market.

He also called on Zambians to support both President Banda and Vice President George Kunda as they lead the nation. Tetamashimba has no doubt President Banda will diligently serve the nation.

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had 14,000 words, 11 pages of text and documentation, reporting on what they called “suspect tax schemes” that helped preserve what they called “a vast inherited fortune”—real estate and cash that Donald Trump got from his father, Fred.

that shit is priming straight up and might run afoul of election laws in some places I'm not going to lie.

I always assumed when the president went to their polling site there were SS agents with him at the time and they would be armed. But I am learning more about it and why the rule is there and the fact they want to abolish it when there isn't really a need is scary. In my state even local law enforcement officers are not allowed in polling places except to cast a lawful vote, OR upon the request of the poll inspector (person in charge) in order to arrest an out of order citizen.

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They’ve been demolished now by the magazine just came out saying Donald Trump’s wealth has fallen from four billion dollars to three billion, and every day on TV and on the radio, I hear news people talking about “the billionaire president.” But there is not now, nor has there ever been, a scintilla of verifiable evidence that Trump has a billion-dollar net worth.

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