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A short synopsis of this story is found in second Kings, chapter eighteen.

There we read of this deportation of Israel and, a few years later, most of Judah.

The promise which is stated in the scriptures made some 3800 years ago to Abraham, Isaac and Isaacs sons (the Saxsons) as recorded in the book of Genesis, has come to pass.

The first time that Abraham was told that his progeny would be a blessing to all nations of the world, and would be a great host of people, is found in the Twelfth chapter of Genesis, but for this study we will consider chapter twenty-two where the Lord appears the second time to Abraham to repeat and confirm what we call today the Abrahamic Covenant.

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They are found in every nation and people in the world, and they have also been a blessing in other ways to the have-not nations of the world.

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