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Nick Peterson, the KEEPER of all of the 0,000 prize money! Maybe saying she should be mad at herself is a bit harsh, since she was playing more with her emotions and, at the end of the day, that’s not at all a bad trait to have, but, when it comes to Bachelor Pad, and when it comes to money, and it comes to ridiculousness and hot tubs, it’s all fair in love and lying…a degree. Because he played it smart and dirty and ended up winning, which was the point of the whole thing.finale caused a lot of controversy, and it looks like viewers are still torn between whether winner Nick Peterson is a heartless meanie or the smartest player in the game. It's no different than all the other moves everyone else was making all season. "And then in the last two episodes, which they showed us the night before the finale so we were able to talk about it on air, I saw some of the stuff she said and was like, 'Wow, she's trash talking me! She didn't want to be my partner, so I didn't owe her anything."So will the "absolutely single" Peterson pull a Michael Stagliano by coming back to the house next season? I don't know how many girls would want to partner with me, but I'd probably go back for a second time.Rachel's having a total meltdown, like she can't date Michael when the.(in fact, he was such a “sleeper,” I placed him in Emily’s season by mistake and he was so un-memorable we did not even create a bio page for him — Ouch! I’m not sure if it was the mascara or the eyeliner or what, but he finally came out of his shell and made a memorable dent on the Pad scene tonight!"It was overwhelming with a lot of people voicing their opinions, both good and bad. And I'm all about sharing the money if I had a connection, and we weren't slapped together," Peterson said.

The guy showed some serious stage presence tonight and thank God because we were just not feeling any love for Nick at all until tonight and it looks like he is going to the finale!Season 9's Desiree Hartsock and husband Chris Siegfried are having a baby. Chris with fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Sarah Newlon.TV Show; Current Status: When Jaclyn's date card arrives, Sarah is under the absurdly misguided. To everyone's dismay, Chris and Sarah manage to win the day.In the season premiere, new Bachelor and fan favorite Ben Flajnik, the 29-year-old winemaker from Sonoma, California, meets 25 potential soul mates and gets another shot at love.Stars: Chris Harrison, Benjamin Flajnik, Lindzi Cox, Amber Tierney The 18 remaining bachelorettes travel to the lush vineyards of Ben's hometown of Sonoma, California.

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He's now sober and still acting, and he's now dating Playboy model Anna Sophia Berglund.

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