Qt progress bar not updating

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Qt progress bar not updating

There are a number of similar posts on Py Qt4 progress bars not updating.They all focus on the issue of threads & where the program actually updates the window.

something like this Load 2tpbbkj2but inside the progress bar.... I've search and some forums say that you can get movement with: @ QProgress Bar bar; Minimum(0); Maximum(0);@ But I've not be able to make it run, it just stops my app.

Hi All, I am facing one issue related to the QProgress Bar. The problem is that QLabel is updated everytime but there is no effect on QProgress Bar.

From one outside thread, i am emitting one signal which calls a slot of the Main program (GUI Main Thread) that in turns update both the QLabel and QProgress Bar.

So, I need to show the progress with a bar but somehow when I run my code, GUI start to freeze.

I have used QThread and SIGNAL but unfortunately couldnt be succedeed.

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