Psychology behind dating sites

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People who have psychological problems that result in perpetual lying can seek treatment with a competent behavioral professional.

Furthermore, some people are led to lie as a result of their disorder even though the disorder itself does not directly cause the lying.

They don't want to disappoint you, and they're worried if you learn the truth about them, it will cause you to lose respect or reject them.

If one lie is told, it is not unusual for another lie to be told to cover for the first one and so on and so on. Once any lie from that series is disproven, things begins to unravel and the distrust begins. When it comes to habitual or repetitive liars, they can feel so much overwhelming stress at the moment they need to remember something, that in a panic their memory becomes unreliable. It is because they genuinely believe what they're saying is the truth.

It can also possibly steer you into more serious types of deception.

So, no matter how little you think the white lie is, it's still a negative and destructive practice.

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This is the reason why there is a physical reaction to the act of telling a lie.

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