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Schema components have a name, which is a qualified name (just like an element or attribute in an XML instance).

A qualified name has three parts: the namespace URI, the namespace prefix, and the local part.

It might be easier if you start by explaining what you want to achieve - because it's quite possible that these particular classes might have nothing to do with the solution to your problem! Are you sure you really want to process the schema document, rather than the schema component model?

(2) Why is the charset attribute in the second attribute different? --steve You don't need to get the fingerprint of xs:complex Type to achieve this.

For example, in the name xs:integer, the namespace URI is the prefix is "xs", and the local part is "integer".

The prefix doesn't matter as far as matching is concerned, for example this type is sometimes written as "xsd:integer", but it's the same thing so long as the prefix relates to the same namespace URI.

If you want to process the component model, please see my previous email. It's used internally instead of a long character string because comparisons are faster.

You can translate between fingerprints and expanded names using methods provided by the Name Pool, which you can always reach from the Configuration object.

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Because schema documents provide many ways to say the same thing, it's probably harder to get the information you need at this level, but it has the advantage that it's just an XML document so you can process it like any other XML document.

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