Netherland men dating

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Netherland men dating

They would look at their (diary) and see that they had no time if I requested to meet up that week again.As well as this, after showing me respect and hearing that I would be leaving soon, it just seemed impractical to try to create a deeper relationship.

It's a sort of extreme where superficial and deep friendships are in much greater contrast to most places I've lived in.So much so that you can (and people do) live in the city for years, and learn no Dutch and even . But there is one consequence of this open mindedness; to allow people to do as they please, sometimes you should leave them to it.The vast majority of other foreigners there were content in their English speaking “bubble” and had created full lives for themselves within that. And this other side of the respect coin seems to create a big divide between the Dutch and the foreigners in the city.Some foreigners misinterpret this as it meaning that they encourage them to help you learn their language.This means that there is a vicious circle of the strong tendency of foreigners to stick together and never making many local friends simply propagating itself. So when they come together, they may not get any further than superficial pleasantries. Dutch people are incredibly friendly and would always ask me with genuine curiosity what I was doing in the Netherlands.

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It's hardly something to criticise, but it was terribly frustrating for me of course.