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The app Alfred has a night vision setting, but it doesn't use the phone's flash (that's a separate feature, and it would be too obvious and obtrusive to use in night vision anyway).

Rather, Alfred's night vision boosts the brightness and contrast of the video feed, making everything in the shot overexposed, extremely bright, and nearly unrecognizable.

Smart security cameras are one of the easiest ways to start transforming your normal home into a connected home.

Everyone knows about Alphabet's Nest cam, but there are plenty of other cameras to consider from companies including Samsung, D-Link, and Canary.

Dedicated security cameras can also connect to smart home items more easily than an app on a smartphone.

The Nest cam is fully compatible with other Nest products, such as the smart thermostat, as well as a number of other smart products in the Works with Nest family.

These security apps have nearly the same features as regular smart cameras but are free to download and require no extra hardware.

Even older phones are powerful enough to be repurposed.

Numerous Android and i OS apps claim to use your old smartphone's cameras to replicate the features of these dedicated cams, letting you check in from your current smartphone whenever you want.

Others will just record whenever they sense motion (and in some cases, sound) in the room or in designated activity zones.

Cameras and apps will alert you when they sense a disturbance—most send a push notification to your smartphone, with a link to see what just occurred, and some give you the option to receive the alert by e-mail as well.

Thanks to their tangible nature, cameras can add extra aspects to the monitoring experience that a basic app cannot.

The Canary cam has a 90 decibel alarm that you can trigger from anywhere using the companion app and environmental sensors that monitor air quality, and Samsung's Smartcam HD Plus has many prerecorded sounds, like dogs barking, that you can turn on to startle an intruder.

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Night vision is another primary feature of stand-alone cameras.

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