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Millionaire dating goddess

Most interesting, we women have a combination of a number of Goddess energy/types within ourselves of varying ascendancy.

By increasing our consciousness of these various energies we have an opportunity to affirm and express our more primary goddess qualities as well as discovering ways to draw out the more recessive Goddess qualities within us.

In their book they have selected six major goddess archetypes from the classical Greek period (c.500-300 B. E.) that they perceive as most active in the psyche of today's contemporary woman.

Jungian analyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, a clinical professor of psychiatry, has also authored a very popular, and perhaps a somewhat more personal book on Goddess types.

New ways of understanding feminine psychology have been emerging in the past twenty years--from a feminine perspective.

In a society that has trivialized the Goddess concept, learning of the significance of Goddess qualities/energy can be instructive for women and men.

Archetype, as a concept, is at the foundation of Carl Jung's psychological works.

Archetypes are deep enduring patterns of thought and behavior laid down in the human psyche that remain powerful over long periods of time and transcend cultures.

They are better suited to one type of career or life direction than another.

In this way, we bring into balance our hidden goddess qualities and better actualize our gifts.

A Goddess typology 'Quiz' is available at this site providing women a means of determining their Goddess qualities in varying ascendancy. Looking first at Webster's Dictionary, goddess is defined: Such a masculinized definition sorely trivializes the concept and potentials of goddess, historically, and collectively diminishes the significance of her role in women's lives, then and now.

Archetypes also go beyond the psyche bridging inner and outer worlds.

A goddess is the form that a feminine archetype may take.

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