How long from dating to engagement

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“The likelihood you will be able to change them is not very good.” This is an important step for a soon-to-be married couple, according to Dumbroff.“When you're in the throes of the falling-in-love beginning stages of romantic love, you're not able to really see your partner for who they really are—you're blinded by the passion and romantic love.” Once you graduate from this state, you can start to see your partner’s flaws. Because you generally need time to get to this stage of understanding, Wendi L.Dumbroff, a licensed professional counselor, believes that time does plays a role in determining how long you should date before getting engaged.“The honeymoon phase’ of a relationship is the stuff dreams are made of, but—and this is a big but—it doesn’t last longer than three to six months tops for most couples,” she says.“You might be so smitten with someone in the early stages of the relationship, but, as life becomes more realistic, you realize that your new partner isn’t quite as perfect as you had imagined, or hoped.” It isn’t to say, however, that once you see your partner for who he or she truly is, that you’ll want out.

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