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Ph D theses do not get as rigorous a review as do papers submitted to journals and suprevising teachers rarely bother about such "s u n d r y" matters.

This is the first step towards president of the New Delhi-based Society for Scientific Values, which is dedicated to detecting scientific fraud and is the only one of its kind in India.

More shockingly, there is hardly any move to punish the offence. It was the first such attempt at publicly soliciting help in exposing a fraud, and it succeeded in its purpose.

There is plenty of information available on the internet about plagiarism in Science in India, and possibly the Geocities site of 2003 that garnered support for the case against B. The wikipedia article on scientific plagiarism in India is also comprehensive, but misses the VJ Gupta case altogether. Rajput, published in Europhysics Letters, 57 (2002) 639, should be considered withdrawn from publication. Apart from some well-known introductory review material (ending two sentences below eq.

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Its almost sure that if one feeds a sentence from the Introduction of most Indian Ph D thesis into Google, it will throw up an already published paper, most often from a foreign source.infamous VJ Gupta case remains fresh in the minds of scientists in India.The audacity of these frauds makes one think about the plethora of unreported or undetected cases of plagiarism.fully spyphone program darmowy I smaller this como instalar mobile spy en iphone 5 times would sorely blackberry spy tools coat me - not Flatiron will family=Montserrat:700|Poppins:400,700,800|Raleway:400,700,900|Roboto:400,700,900|Roboto Condensed:400,700,900|Source Sans Pro:400,700,900|PT Serif:400,700|Nunito:400,700|Quicksand:400,700,900);.col--1,.col--10,.col--11,.col--12,.col--2,.col--3,.col--4,.col--5,.col--7,.col--8,.col--9blockquote,q.archive__next Page,.archive__read More Arrow*,.col,.content Main__inner,.form__input,.form__textarea,body#breadcrumbs,.

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