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Hindu romances dating friendly hindu friends

Then they separated and became engaged in cooking again. When I lay in the bed during night, the whole incident revolved before my eyes. The image of Mujahid’s hand caressing the bare back and ass of my mother Parvati, and the way she raised herself on her feet, to kiss Mujahid, came before my eyes again and again. I masturbated once again, this time watching the fucking of Gauri and Mujahid, but like yesterday I imagined Parvati and Mujahid.

Surprisingly I was super excited from this effort, rather then feeling enraged. It was around 11 when I heard noises from adjacent room.

I had masturbated twice already when I opened the third folder Parthvi Kamath. She wore anklets as well which she had never done earlier. Mother went towards closet and took out some cutlery and utensils. Mujahid, “You know I cook better beef, but it is difficult to get raw meat. Beef need to be cooked for a long time on low intensity flame, but they do it fast to serve customers faster.” Parvati, “This is the first time I’m going to eat non-veg.

Her Mangalsutra laid prominently in between her breasts. Mujahid then took a Whisky bottle from the bag and put it. Seeing the whisky bottle, Parvati took out two glasses. I have consumed fish but we consider it vegetarian.” Mujahid, “Oh you would love it” The gently kissed and sat down to eat.

Vikram Juneja writes- I am sending this narration of true story of my friend as shared by him.

His Hindu Bengali Brahmin Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, had a 4 year long affair with a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid, when her husband was abroad.

Honestly I too am excited at the prospect of a Hindu married woman cheating on her husband with a Muslim man. This is the story of my Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, who is 46 years old now. Here she fell in love with her advisor, a brilliant intellect and Indologist, Mahesh Dixit.

Hope your site will continue to upload such stuff in future. They married within 6 months, she was 24 and he was 36 already. She completed her doctorate and joined the Lucknow University as faculty in the same department as my father.

She was not very fair, not dusky either, in between. He even told her couple of shers praising her beauty. I remembered Mujahid praising her looks in Saree the day before. And she had kept her hair loose which was also unusual.

We lived in Maulviganj area of Lucknow, very near to Lucknow University.

We had a two storeyed house, with a courtyard and road in front and back of the house. Mujahid shifted to our home and occupied the top floor.

Mujahid poured whisky and both took a sip each and said, “Cheers to our new Beginning” and started to eat.

Parvati, “Ooummm, it is delicious, never knew beef could be so tasty.” Mujahid, “I knew you would like it.” What was shocking was that my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, broke her fast of Karva Chauth not by drinking water and eating rice but by drinking whisky and eating beef in the company of a Muslim man, Mujahid Kaleem, who was not her husband. But more shocks were to come, when she talked dirty with Mujahid: Parvati, “This beef is tasty, now I’ll taste some delicious cock as well and then drink the butter that will come out of it” and winked at Mujahid.

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The prospect of her cheating on her husband and a love affair between my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati and a devout Muslim man, Kaleem Mujahid titillated me oddly. They were all shot by a camera and it was Mujahid’s own sex sessions with 3 different women. I went to attic and noticed, mother had just come out of the bathroom and was dressing herself up.

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