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Iranians’ glee at exposing such hypocrisy, however, is tinged by another sentiment: anger.Many remember how last year—ironically in the same province of Hamadan—a medical student was arrested by the “Morality Patrol” for sitting with her fiancé in a public park.But it is worth recalling three decades ago, alternative media in the form of smuggled cassette tapes and smudgy leaflets informed young Iranians about Khomeini’s vision of an Islamic utopia.Now, thirty years later, that supposed utopia is being exposed by that generation’s children, who are leading their own electronic cultural revolution.Not Paris Hilton, but a supposed model of virtue: a cleric.In the video—for weeks voted the top story on (an Iranian version of—a robed cleric is caught on a hidden camera in a private room.

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But their reports did acknowledge that the man involved was a married cleric, and that the video depicts the consummation of an unlawful affair.“One thing we had never seen before was a cleric’s naked butt,” reads one online comment.

“Thanks to the Internet, that is no longer impossible!

Blogs and social networking sites have provided the Iranians with safe blinds behind which they can peep at these scandals and whisper about them with one another.

Whether this new generation will ever leave their virtual to do anything more ambitious in the real world remains unclear.

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What the cleric means by “do some Nasnas” is clarified by what happens next in the clip.

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