Deployment package sccm updating distribution point

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Unlike doing an update of a package, refreshing will keep the previous source version.

While there are quite a few articles that detail the process and steps involved with deploying an MSI package using Configuration Manager 2012 (SCCM 2012), the goal of this article is to distill the entire process down to a simple procedural document.

If you already have a target Collection created, you can skip this step, as I'm only showing this to illustrate that I have a Direct Membership Device collection for use in targeting the Application "Deployment" in the next step.

From this point, you should now have an active Deployment which clients will begin evaluating and executing, as long as they are members of the target Collection and they meet any optional Global Conditions you may have set on the Deployment.

Create the account in any domain that provides the necessary access to resources.I have had a few instances where after I change my automatic deployment rule for software updates the deployment package will not distribute to the distribution points as it thinks it downloaded the updates but cannot find the directory it is looking for. Another place to find the error is in the Content Status of the Package by going into the Configuration Manager Console\Monitoring\Distribution Status\Content Status\ Find your Package\ Click View Status\Click the Error Tab\ Under Asset Details \Click an Errored Distribution Point\click More Details.It will say something similar to I pulled this information from a couple of sources and to give credit where it was due If you find several you may wish to take a shotgun approach and open the Deployment package and put in a date range you think is the issue and then delete the updates from the deployment package and then go back to the Software Update Groups and tell all the Red Xs to download again. Make sure that all your Distribution Points update to the new version.What about Refreshing a package on a Distribution Point: Scenario: One of your applications is not working and you want to make sure that all the files are intact on your Distribution Point. Doing a refresh of the package will copy the package from the local site system to the Distribution Point, and not from the package source.

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In the next article I will deploy a slightly more complicated Application involving a package.

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