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Datingcoachdiaries com

And because I’d cleaned up my side of street in my apology, I didn’t want to rehash it, so I just said, “It’s complicated.” “Oh well,” she wrote, “I hope you’re well and over me.” Well, she’d opened the door, was I going to enter? “I’m over you,” I said, “but I just don’t know why you’ve cut me off.I just wanted us to be friends.” She wrote that she didn’t want a friendship with me, and that she wanted no more contact with me unless she reached out.As you saw last week, my sugar daddy friend Ed Porter said his farewell to the sugar life and posted his final blog entry.Before he leaves the sugar bowl altogether, he has provided me with a guest post for The Sugar Daddy Diaries.

Thanks.” I ended up feeling guilty that I lashed out.I’m super busy with work and getting ready to move, and I just don’t think I can deal.” I knew that I’d never see her again, but it was becoming apparent to me that, although we had planned to stay in touch in the future, she was cutting me off from all contact. I asked K if she knew why C felt it necessary to do what she did.She said two things: 1) C was 100% in love with her boyfriend and enjoying this new chapter of her life, and that I didn’t enter her thoughts at all; and 2) she believed C had said all the nice things (including “I love you”) to keep the money flowing her way.Three days later, I sent an apology text, with no expectation of a reply.Three days after that, however, C sent me a reply: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Of course she knew!

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After four months, after all the pain from which I’d recovered, this was, I felt, as good a place as any to have be the final word. Have a blessed life.” And that would have been the end, except…

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