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Dating stoneware mineral water jug

And why did many bottlers use both glass and stoneware bottles at the same time?

The earliest marked stoneware bottles from Wisconsin are from the and by the 1880's they began to quickly fall out of favor.

Today the most popular filters are countertop, stand-alone filters, such as Waterco’s Stoneware purifier, which do not require any plumbing or electrical connections.

Install a Finsbury water filter to experience the convenience of clean, healthy water.

The photo galleries on this site contain pics of some great examples of super-rare and beautiful old bottles, early Wisconsin Pottery and Advertising items from top private collections.

Many are so rare that you may never see any of them in person. Baker Stoneware Whiskey Backbar bottlesand more Click the photo to see them all.

In addition, their ability to filter out finer particles has improved.

The reliefs are produced in moulds and applied to the ware as sprigs.

Made from porcelain, this portable unit requires no plumbing work, as it will operate as soon as you fill the upper reservoir with water.

This filter eliminates harmful bacteria, dirt, chlorine, organic pesticides and dissolved metals from your drinking water.

Speaker and expert on Whitewater pottery Kori Oberle gave a great presentation on Whitewater pottery at the Whitewater Historical Society museum located in the railroad depot building.

The event was centered around a 45 piece collection of Whitewater earthenware that the Historical Society recently acquired.

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Available as a counter top and undersink configuration.