Dating someone hiv advice

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Dating someone hiv advice

Less than a week later, I found myself in excruciating pain.

It hurt to walk, and I couldn't use soap anywhere near my genital area.

In that way you have an idea how much your date means to you.

Once you feel that your date is falling for you, carry out a private conversation with your date and spill the beans.

But it is best to disclose that information as soon as possible.

Never have sex with your date before the revelation Even if your date takes the first step into getting intimate with you, refuse the offer at first until you have explained your HIV status to your date.

Having sex prior to such conversations may make your partner feel betrayed or become more conscious about his health status.

When I confronted my friend about the situation, I asked if he knew that he had herpes. It was hard enough to face the fact that we'd had sex, or tried to, and it was much harder to cope with the fact that I had caught an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

In 1989, when I got herpes, the nurse told me I couldn't transmit the virus unless I was having an outbreak.

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I was still uncomfortable about bringing up the subject, but now I didn't have much of a choice.