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And women tend to outnumber men past 65, because women outlive men (as a result, a 100 male:100 female ratio would probably mean a 105 male:100 female ratio in the "under 60" range).

It's because of the transplants (mostly 20-40 years-old) that the ratios are skewed.

If the competition never leaves the house, are they really competition?

I'm a little bit confused by "If we assume 50-80% of women are already in relationships". The number probably came from somewhere, but the infographic doesn't say, nor does it say what percentage of When it comes to migration, men tend to move more than women do (probably because women are less willing to move far from their families) - that's why Denver has a skewed male:female ratio in the first place.

So, if you click on the link for the 80203 numbers ( you can find these numbers: Males (18 and older) 9,796 - Males (65 and older) 604 = 9192 males (18-64 years old)Females (18 and older) 6,737 - Females (65 and older) 646 = 6091 Females (18-64 years old)9192 men:6091 women = 151 men:100 women If you look at each zip code individually, you'll find that the male:female ratios are more skewed when you compare the 18-64 range than if you compare the entire population.

Suburbs tend to be closer to a 1:1 ratio of men and women - that's because people tend to get married and move to the suburbs - the husband and wife relationship is naturally 1:1 and children tend to be 1:1.

Here is our guide to some pretty cool date night ideas around the city in case you need some help. You can find the full list and the point breakdown here.

The three cities that beat Denver were Los Angeles at No.

4 for online dating opportunities, which measures the percentage of households with a broadband Internet connection — not the number of accounts — and No.

If you're a man that leaves the house it's pretty easy to meet women.

There seems a disproportionate number of men looking for love on their laptops.

Your chances are better in Colorado than most other states and the District of Columbia. In the category of “Dating Economics” Colorado ranked No. The category is a composite that considers things including the cost of wine and beer, movies and salon and haircut appointments, median household income and housing costs, as well as the unemployment rate among singles.

Colorado is the second best state for singles, according to a Wallet Hub assessment that looked at metrics adding up to “dating friendly,” including the gender balance of singles, online- and mobile-dating opportunities and the number of movie theaters and restaurants and their costs. In the “Romance and Fun” composite, Colorado landed at No. This category includes the number of restaurants, movie theaters, music festivals, nightlife options, nature parks and fitness and recreational facilities per capita, as well as the number of attractions, such as museums, zoos and cultural performances.

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So, the suburbs are closer to 1:1, although it's a lot of married people and children, which doesn't really help you when you're dating.

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