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Dating postal scales

When the foil is strained, the circuit board also stretches.

The combination of deformation and stretching allows the strain gauge to convert the force of weight into an electrical signal. The internal load cell carries a charge, which means its electrical resistance changes when it bends downward.

The Ohaus Compact is a lightweight, portable option with a removable, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel platform, making it ideal for supporting bulky loads.

It's important to note that while the scale may accommodate a weight greater than what its load cell can bear, its overall level of accuracy is compromised when used beyond its recommended range.

That said, to ensure that proper shipping rates are calculated, it is recommended not to exceed a postal scale's load cell rating.

Integrated radio frequency protection ensures consistent and accurate measurements in production environments.

Whether you own a large business with a storefront or you sell products over the internet, chances are you're doing a lot of shipping.

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The Angel USA is an industrial-grade option equipped with a dedicated load cell in each corner of its extra-wide steel platform, delivering superior weight accuracy for packages up to 400 pounds.