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Posted by / 19-Jun-2020 19:52

Dating is expensive

A new survey by the dating site Match reveals that 30 percent of Millennials feel their financial situation is holding them back from pursuing a relationship.

Student debt and rising living costs, coupled with stagnant wages in America, have caused a third of young professionals to believe they cannot afford love.

This turns dating in Lebanon into a mean of broadcasting a perfect life that includes going to fancy restos and taking pictures of the food to then tag the resto.

Enjoying a sandwich and walking on the corniche is considered as 'being cheap’ for our generation.”Yassmine Hussein, 19, told Annahar, “Personally I don’t think it’s expensive to date because there are so many things that you can do that don’t require any cost.

On average, men spend around on a date – depending on where he lives – give or take.

She also noted, “The financial crisis does not make it easier.

Personally, I find it difficult to ask my parents who are paying for my high tuition fees and necessities for money to go on dates especially when dinners in good restaurants and cinemas are not that cheap.

Plus, I don’t like to invest my money in relationships that I'm not sure will last.”She added, “We have to be perfect to go on dates: hair, clothes, make up ...

This is not only to impress the person we are going out with, but because we need to always be prepared for snapping a selfie or taking a picture.

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