Dating in your late forties Chat woth horny fenales

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but sadly they are not the first things that pop into a man's mind. This is very important to me, and very attractive too - it's something that is often visible on a first encounter.

But I definitely agree with you - those are extremely important. Note that a bit of vulnerability can also be attractive and does not contradict strength and pluck in the least.

Some of the other answers I heard from at least one of my friends include: - Nice teeth (show stopper if they are nasty) - LESS TALKING ( 1 for this one) - Dresses professionally - Non-smoking - Shoulder-length hair - Not a heavy drinker - DD-size breasts - a lot of sex and I would pretty much agree with all of those.That's a bit hard to define, but some are more so than others.And yes, physical attributes are the center of it all.What Mid-40s Men Want in a Woman I surveyed a number of my good midlife male friends over the past several weeks - trying to figure out what most men our age REALLY WANT in a woman. Now I'm 43, and most of my close friends are between 40 and 45 or so ... In other words, what you are about to see transcends educational levels and professions ... Not everything centered around breast size - although that did come up quite a bit. the others are contractors, real estate agents, some work in aerospace/defense, the legal profession, etc.

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