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“Eliminate the suspects and discover the who, where, and what to solve the mystery.” Whoever finds Buddy before the time runs out, wins the game.

You’ll be able to snag these unique games for each at Target and on starting Oct.

Grab the most body parts without setting off the buzzer and before the timer runs out and you win.

This is the 0.65 release version of the parody game that Lumi and I have been working on. At the moment it is really just a bare bones functional piece.

Far from done, but we just wanted to get something out. To be implemented in the future are more characters, more dialog, and more art for the battle.

This new Sorry game promises to expose your friends’ secret confessions while forcing players to embrace the motto: no regrets.

“Players will move their pawn around the game board as they aim to be the first player to get three pawns on the home space,” Hasbro shared. In this race around the board, players can sabotage their friends, steal their pawns, and use the Not Sorry!

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“By picking, swapping, and collecting the hilarious trait and action cards, players will wade through a sea of weirdos as they search for love in the dubious world of online dating,” Hasbro said.

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