Dating episode kelly zack ukraine dating service review

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hey does anyone remember when zach & lisa hand a thing?

i was very young but i remember watching an episode when they decided to start dating & then being so angry when the next episode they weren't & the subject of them dating was never mentioned again!

While there, they discover Kelly's boyfriend, Jeff with a girl other than Kelly.

Kelly needs to be told about her cheating boyfriend, but no one will tell her except Zack.

While he plots revenge, a misguided bet between Tori and Lisa leads to Screech falling for Tori.

However, things become complicated when the guys see Kelly's boyfriend, Jeff, there with another girl.

Zack, Slater, Screech, Ox and the rest of the guys want the money for boys' sports while Lisa, Tori, Ginger and the girls want it for girl's sports. Belding decides to settle the conflict by having a sports competition between the boys' blue team and the girls' red team.

But Zack resorts to unethical tactics when he sabotages the girls' oven during the bake-off contest, and when the girls find out, they plan their revenge, leading to an all-out war between the sexes. However, their plan is so successful that it could cause the annual Academic Bowl to be canceled.

After rigging a radio competition, Zack has the chance to win a trip to Hawaii, but his plans are scuppered when he is sent to detention for the day and his attempts to get the gang to help result in them being sent to detention as well.

Slater is horrified when his girlfriend from Germany arrives at Bayside as a new student.

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However, after a wayward telephone call, Zack's mother finds out that Zack is doing something ... Belding (who is the school Principal) is inexplicably teaching the Photography class.