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Dating banners gif

Select any saved images that you would like to include in your slideshow, and open them in Photoshop.

They should appear in different windows along the top of the screen, next to your blank file: 3.

Select the ‘T’ button on the left hand side and choose a font relevant to your brand. Right click on the text layer and click on ‘rasterize type’. Now we can create more text layers for our GIF using the same method.

For this example, I will make another line of text appear underneath the first line from the first layer.

Click on the small button on the top right hand side of the timeline window and select ‘Make Frames From Layers’: 8. In the window that appears, select ‘GIF 128 Dithered’ under the Preset drop down menu. Under the ‘Colours’ tab, ensure that ‘256’ is selected: 11.

Holding the shift button, select all of your layers in the timeline panel, then right click and choose your desired delay time between frames 9. Change the dimensions if necessary, using the ‘Image Size’ section.

In this article, I’ll be demonstrating how to make them.

NB as the title suggests, this will be a basic guide, focusing on the easiest techniques to help you get started in the world of GIF creation.

I’m now going to add a final layer with the Econsultancy logo.Unfortunately, I won’t be teaching you how to create cute animated characters or anything like that.You can navigate each section with this table of contents: Text-only GIFs are by far the easiest format to explore if you are short on time. Don’t forget to click on the padlock icon on your background layer first to unlock it for editing (its name will automatically change to layer 0). Choose a background colour for your first layer – ideally in line with your brand styling.Whilst it is always good to show your light-hearted side with GIFs and memes on social, it won’t necessarily make you stand out from the crowd if you just choose from what’s out there.In fact, it’s more likely you’ll get lost among the millions of other users who have posted the same GIF in the last few seconds.

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