Dating a girl with different political views

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Dating a girl with different political views

Not only are our social networks turning into poisonous echo chambers, but partisan animosity is also higher than it has been in decades. or so, when I realized that Hillary wasn’t going to win. If the worst thing about him is that he supports Trump (although, I should mention, not on everything), then I'm pretty lucky.So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Reader Center asked: Can love conquer all? Daniel Jett, 49, met his wife, Frances, in law school: “We have very similar values when it comes to family and what we want from life, but night-and-day orientations to the appropriate role of government in people’s lives.These six people know just how challenging it can be to navigate strongly held opposite political views with a partner.“Politically, I support most major democratic stances such as pro-choice, legalizing certain drug categories, and enforcing gun control.My husband and I make each other laugh and that’s what has gotten us through those tough moments in life, not our political beliefs. But you don’t have to tie the knot for things to get complicated.

“If I really spent a lot of time thinking about my husband’s beliefs, I might hate him.

I am by no means a Trump supporter, but I understand the roots he’s tapping into and have tried at times to share that perspective with Sara to “broaden her horizons.” I have utterly failed in that effort and have wisely given up trying.

The night of the 2008 election, we didn’t watch the results together. the next day, so she was tucked in and unaware of the results coming in. When I got home, I stuck a bunch of Obama yard signs all over our yard and a big one across the garage door. she backed her car out of the garage and was horrified to see her yard covered in Obama signs.

I worry that my husband’s values, as reflected by his political beliefs, no longer align with mine.

It makes me worried about raising our son and the longevity of our relationship.

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Susan Stallard, 67, met her husband, Jeff, in a computer class.

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