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Coronation street eileen speed dating

Carmel Finnan, played by Catherine Cusack, was a student nurse classmate of Martin Platt's (Sean Wilson), whom she became obsessed with and tried to ruin his marriage with his then wife Gail (Helen Worth).

After coming to the conclusion that Terry was never going to be a suitable father to Tommy, Lisa sets her sights on bookie Des Barnes (Philip Middlemiss).

Because of this, her grandparents placed her in a psychiatric hospital and a year later, she left as a happy girl who put her dark past behind her.

In September 1992, Carmel moved to Weatherfield and became friends with Martin.

Mavis recommends her husband Derek (Peter Baldwin) for his job, and Derek does his best to sell himself to Ted - only to be rejected when Ted tells him his nephew is already lined up to replace him.

Meanwhile, Rita catches Ted's attention and he returns again to see her. In March, Ted reveals his plan to move to Florida and live there, and to her astonishment, Ted asks Rita to join him as his wife.

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He dies on a park bench on 9 September 1992 watching Percy Sugden (Bill Waddington) play bowls, but his friends do not initially realise he is dead; they believe he is just sleeping. Jeff Horton, played by Dicken Ashworth, made his first screen appearance on .

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  1. Responding on the photograph, Barbie’s assistant said, “It was just a meal with friend.” Barbie’s mother also clarified and said, “She is a friend’s friend. Thank you.” Barbie was not afraid of the taboo of announcing her pregnancy too early and announced it when she had not even visited an obstetrician.