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Many properties choose to only allow e Check for a short time each month before rent is due.

Visa is not an option for recurring payments because it requires a phone call authorization for each payment.

If you are unsure of the amount, please contact Alliance at 831.883.3157 to get the balance due on your account. When I try to make a payment, why does it say my old unit number still?

Go back to the previous page, submit an amount no greater than your property's Visa max.

This fee is generally based upon the dollar amount charged.

Rent payments are typically large dollar amounts, which can create a significant expense for management companies that allow their residents to pay with credit cards.

This means that only credit card payments would be accepted online and typically only money order/cashier's check payments in the office.

Any/All information about your balance or any charges that show on your account are pulled directly from their computer system. If you have had check or e Check payment returned in the past then your account may be restricted at this time.

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You must call to authorize each Visa payment through Resident Portal.