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Cocky dating

and when she starts to show any interest at all on the outside, I’m going to blow her off and make her prove to me that she wants me… so I can reject her again.” When most guy think “cocky-funny,” they’re thinking this kind of cocky-funny, which is what I call, “Push Cocky-Funny.” This is my default style of cocky-funny, so I’ll give you one of my own examples. One very effective kind of pull technique is in conjunction with screening and qualifying. If you’re confident and cool, then every qualification is actually a pull.

Sure you can generate attraction with most combinations of push-pull. When she’s emotionally and physically closer to you, or when she’s emotionally and physically farther from you? So, with all of the groundwork laid, let’s get specific. As if she had never resisted me in the first place.

It’s the push dynamic that makes these high-value or good-looking guys come across as too unattainable.

For guys like this, it’s best to use the pull dynamic more often and save the push dynamic for that 20% of dramatic contrast. But for the most part, if your fundamentals are already strong, then: a) You can get much faster attraction by pulling her in more often than you can by pushing her away.

Any resistance they give to such a man is just token. Chances are good that when you push her further away, she will follow your lead and remain further away. The rest is history, because a gentleman never kisses and tells. There are so many possibilities to choose from, but this conversation of his has stuck in my mind for a while now: I never, ever worry about a woman’s resistance to me.

Thus, if you already have good fundamentals, and you want to get the girl you want a LOT faster, you’re better off pulling her in more frequently, than pushing her away, because the chances are good she will follow your lead. Assuming the pushes and pulls are of about equal emotional intensity, if you PULL more often than not, she might resist you at first, but then because you’re dominant, she’ll follow your lead and move closer to you emotionally and physically. Me: (throwing off her hand and looking shocked): Are you calling me a liar? If she says she is not interested and leaves, no problem. But if you have good fundamentals (body language, tonality, and basic inner game), or you’re good-looking, or you have perceived high social value, and you’re interacting with a confident and attractive woman, then you can get faster attraction and make deeper connections by doing more Pull than Push, around 80%-20% is ideal.

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