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Christian dating breaking up

Neil Sedaka may have been guilty of understatement.

Most don’t like to admit it but broken relationships are likely caused by both parties, one way or another you’ve contributed.Many times couples wonder if they should stay in a “loveless” relationship in order to keep the child happy. Your child will be affected by the decisions that you make inside or outside of the relationship. Do not make this decision alone as you did not make the decision on your own to begin the relationship in the first place.Instead, being mature adults and handling the breakup as civil as possible is the best outcome for everyone involved. Evaluate the Relationship Be sure that you are not acting on rash emotions. Discuss the Spilt If you both decide it is in your best interests to move on then take the time to talk about the fact that you are breaking up.Finding out what’s going on inside of you and how to change it can work great.This process will not be easy, and depending on your child they could really be affected by the change.

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Always keep an open mind with your child, discuss any concerns they might have, and if necessary get them professional help as well.

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