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Bunnykins royal doulton dating

A simple way of calculating the date is to add the number in question to 1927.Thus 14 indicates the year 1941 and 23 indicates 1950.Many dated examples between 19 exist, and occasional examples dated between 19 have also been noted although B.8 was more generally used in those years (with the words MADE IN ENGLAND at the bottom of the mark in place of the single word ENGLAND).This mark is still used on fine earthenware products such as Character Jugs.Each of the items in this collection feature a variety of adorable bunny motifs, from playing outside and eating dinner to commemorative christening scenes and beyond.

By this time, of course, the lion and crown badge was in use so there need be no confusion.

The dates below are when the books containing the designs recorded in each were purchased.

They give a fairly close idea of the dates of the designs.

On some patterns, particularly on china, the date has been written in special ink.

Hand-painted, and largely hand-painted, wares designed and decorated by Robert Allen and artists in his studios, were often given RA-numbers, written by hand, in addition to the usual trade-mark and any other number.

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The RA-numbering was continued for several years after Allen had retired.

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