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Buddhist thoughts on dating

But today, many politicians try to drag the Buddha's name into politics by introducing Him as a communist, capitalist, or even an imperialist.They have forgotten that the new political philosophy as we know it really developed in the West long after the Buddha's time.The basis of religion is morality, purity and faith, while that for politics is power.In the course of history, religion has often been used to give legitimacy to those in power and their exercise of that power.

Freedom in the truest sense is only possible when a person uses Dhamma to develop his character through good speech and action and to train his mind so as to expand his mental potential and achieve his ultimate aim of enlightenment.To the Buddhist, nowhere in Samsara is there real freedom, not even in the heavens or the world of Brahama.Although a good and just political system which guarantees basic human rights and contains checks and balances to the use of power is an important condition for a happy in society, people should not fritter away their time by endlessly searching for the ultimate political system where men can be completely free, because complete freedom cannot be found in any system but only in minds which are free.'s teaching which have close correspondence to the political arrangements of the present day.Firstly, the Buddha spoke about the equality of all human beings long before Abraham Lincoln, and that classes and castes are artificial barriers erected by society.

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He did not approve of violence or the destruction of life, and declared that there is no such thing as a 'just' war.

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