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The producers still had one pretty good piece of trivia to save for her fourth appearance: that, back in 1980, she’d been a contestant on a game show where her knowledge of Dylan Thomas came in a lot less handy: “The Dating Game.” “Oh, I have no idea,” Fuchs says, asked if she might be the only person in history to compete on both “Jeopardy!

” and “The Dating Game.” “That’s a good question.” If she seemed slightly flustered, it’s not because she’s tried to suppress that OG game-show appearance, but “it was the first time I didn’t have some idea of what Alex was going to ask me about, and so I wasn’t ready as I had been on the other three days, and there was this moment where it fell quiet and then I sort of blurted out, ‘Well, it’s still on You Tube.’ And I think 30,000 people or something have watched it in the last 24 hours — it’s crazy.” Redemption was heavy on Fuchs’ mind.

“I don’t read the encyclopedia, but I do read books that interest me. Times from front page to last page, and that’s really how I stay up-to-date on pop culture to some extent.

Like everybody else these days, in the era of social media and smartphones, I find it harder to read than it used to be, but I still do. If I had the time I would read more than one newspaper, but I decided to support local journalism, because I think that’s really important — even though it means my knowledge of Broadway ends up being worse for not having access to east coast news.” Here’s a trivia question even Fuchs can’t answer: when she last picked up a bass guitar.

One of the biggest narratives going into this season is that Supergirl will have a new costume. Season 5 began production in Vancouver in June, and Melissa Benoist herself took to Instagram to share the news.

Here's everything else we know about , "Midnight is a murderous villain released from an otherwordly prison to enact revenge against the person who put her there." Yikes!

I’m just not used to thinking of myself as somebody who ought to be in the news for anything.

And I think it also would have overshadowed how well I needed to do to get to game three.And it’s definitely easier talking about being on ‘Jeopardy’ than it was talking about being raped, for sure.” Now the “Cherry Bomb” setter-turned-Harvard grad (she attended alongside Barack Obama) turned attorney is making the news for being a smart (ex-) rock star… That’s way more interesting than anything I’ve ever done.” There’s an outside chance Fuchs will be back on with Trebek in the latter half of next year, if she qualifies as a wild-card contestant for the show’s Tournament of Champions.which the most waggish among us might consider a bit of a man-bites-dog story. Asked if she has any other game-show aspirations now that she’s acquitted herself on “Jeopardy!And I’ll watch documentaries on PBS or the History Channel, and I’m just really interested in things. And so I tend to be bad at pop culture because I just don’t find it as interesting as science and history and literature. “I just listen to music and enjoy it as a fan,” she says.“And honestly these days I’m more inclined to listen to classical music and opera than to rock, mostly because rock scares the cat.” She amends that. The first time I played opera in the house, both of my cats looked for a place to hide.

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“I was on ‘The Chase’ on the Game Show Network — it’s not on anymore — where it was very rapid-fire questions and you ended up going up against this world quizzing expert who’s smarter than all three contestants combined, and you were just trying to combine forces to see if you could defeat him. I did not acquit myself well on that show, but it made me want to get back up and do it again.