Asian dating girl guy hot white

Posted by / 28-Jan-2020 23:15

Asian dating girl guy hot white

Now as an adult my eye is more often caught by Asian men on the street, and I married one.

The stereotypical “Abercrombie model” of the early 2000s as a teen never really interested me in the same way.

I've always found brown skin, black hair, high cheekbones, masculine-yet-cohesive features (white men tend to look more rough-hewn), full lips, and beautifully shaped eyes (whether they have epicanthic folds or not) to be the epitome of human attractiveness.

I know an Italian girl who’s obsessed with asian guys.

She was talking about it this one time, and honestly..

It’s also interesting to see the interplay between both western and eastern sense of masculine and feminine that plays out in this generation that makes things interesting, though that is more personal and harder to describe.

I actually prefer East Asian men on a purely aesthetic basis and have enjoyed a few good relationships with Asian men.

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Despite the logical sense there is just an attractiveness about them that I can’t type out.